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Bellefonte’s Streetscape Improvement Toolbox

Bellefonte Streetscape

Allegheny Street Improvements

.Great streets are memorable and typically oriented toward the pedestrian experience.  The design of streetscapes with special attention to implementation of streetscape amenities can distinguish a whole neighborhood, district or town.  The primary focus of the Bellefonte, PA streetscape pilot project was on the sidewalk, the pedestrian realm of public space.  The improvement area is in the Historic Central Business District from the intersection of Allegheny Street and Howard Street to the intersection of Allegheny Street and Pike Street and was funded in part by the Borough of Bellefonte and the PA Department of Community & Economic Development. 


Streetscape Improvement Toolbox

Streetscape Improvement Toolbox Cover

WMF worked with the Borough Council Streets Committee, the Historical Architectural Review Board, various regulatory agencies, and local community organizations. With implementation in mind goals focused on improving the visual appearance of streets to provide a quality setting for residents and business, providing a pedestrian oriented, friendly environment, and preserving and promoting the unique character and historic significance of Bellefonte.  Pedestrian facility improvements within the area included partial curb, sidewalk and brick utility border replacement, traffic calming curb extensions, curb ramps and crosswalks.  Additional Streetscape amenities included lights, benches, planters, trash receptacles, street trees and tree grates, bike bollards, and trench frame covers.


The ‘Streetscape Improvement Toolbox’ is a record of public streetscape amenities implemented at the scale of an individual street.  It serves as a reference for new applications including our work on the Talleyrand Park Expansion – the imagined link between the Borough’s waterfront and historic central business district landmarks.