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  • Marquette Savings Bank,  East 38th Street Retail Branch
Marquette Savings Bank

About WMF

VISION … Be a twenty-first century “Master Builder” combining design with construction.

MISSION … WMF exists to deliver excellent facilities, which enhance their intended use, and provide the best possible value to our clients.


Service … WMF exists to provide the full range of professional service in a seamless and integrated process. Each project and each client’s needs vary and the scope of services will be customized and staffed to meet these needs.

Trust… Everything that we do will be focused on gaining and maintaining trust through open and transparent communications and business dealing.

Effort… Commitment to meeting the needs of each client and each project, and perseverance in achieving the project goals will be instilled and reinforced in every project team.

Expertise… WMF will invest to guarantee that our staff is confident in their knowledge of their areas of specialty and that they have the best available resources to do the best possible job.

Enjoyment … Our professionals are part of WMF because they are enthused and challenged by the opportunities that we seek.