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  • PSU White Course Apartments
  • PSU White Course Apartments
  • PSU White Course Apartments
  • PSU White Course Apartments

White Course Apartments, Penn State University

College & University

White Course Apartments

Penn State University

This project consists of two types of new Student Housing on Penn State’s West Campus.

Housing for 300 single graduate students is provided in four 3-story buildings, consisting of apartments with four single bedrooms, two baths, living room, dining room, and kitchen. One hundred twenty-five (125) apartments designed for non-traditional and family housing (many international students) is provided in 2 and 3-bedroom townhouse units and one bedroom flats. An 8,000 sq. ft. community building provides a variety of services largely for the student families and also serves as a common focal point for the community.

The Family Unit floor plans were developed to recognize the special nature of the family/international students. Kitchens are large and Living Rooms are discrete, providing a separate study space and can serve as an additional bedroom for long-term family visitors.

Both Singles and Family Housing are approached through a series of portals, which provide a sense of entrance and implied security.

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