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Land Planning and Development today includes a rigorous, comprehensive set of evaluations and approvals involving multiple parties in both private and public sectors. Development control mechanisms such as zoning and land development ordinances deal with land use, the creation of new property and construction of improvements. They regulate the types and intensity of uses, provide lawful sites for development and public use, reasonable design standards for how a use or activity relates to the land upon which it is located, and the basis for coordination of public improvements with private development interests.

At WMF, we integrate programmatic building and site requirements into cohesive land development solutions that incorporate a cost -effective, environmentally sensitive, and rational approach to project development. WMF services include:

  • Site Selection and Program Definition
  • Site Accommodation and Development Potential
  • Special Site Studies
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Sketch Plans
  • Land Development Plans
  • Master Site Development Plans
  • Municipal Permitting
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