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                                              Construction+Design=Impressive Results

by D. Richard Fox, AIA


The combination of design and construction delivers better value as an integrated team than that of a disjointed team with adversarial objectives.

How do you quantify success in a building project? In the 1980s a small percentage of fi rms ignored conventional wisdom that contractually all parties in a construction project (Owner, architect and constructor) should be separated. These fi rms saw the value of integrating design, engineering, and construction services.

So what are the expected outcomes from an integrated approach.

Certainly…Including a construction professional in design would help guide team decisions of cost and schedule with better information. It does.

Certainly…Having a designer-led construction process would allow the team to continue to improve the project and produce an even better end product, at better value. It does.

Certainly…Managing the issues and risks that are part of any construction project as an integrated team with common client focused goals and interest, results in fewer arguments, fewer silly claims, and less litigation. This happens too.

Certainly…Having a construction professional on the design team during design would help avoid errors, omissions, and well-intended misjudgments and turn the change order process into an opportunity to improve the project. This is a fact and is a consideration that Professional Liability Insurance carriers apply to premiums.


Certainly…Having direct lines of communications with the trades who actually perform the work will lead to a sense of partnering on projects. This yields a much higher quality of construction and a sense of pride in the work by those trades. This really happens.

Certainly…Working in an environment of cooperation and good information, the entire design team gets better at applying successful solutions. This happens.

Certainly…Managing a project for outcomes like LEED or GREEN GLOBES certifi cation is not diffi cult when you have access to the information. This is true.


It should be apparent that you should consider this approach for your next project.

For more information please see “The Guild Master” white paper

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