Robert Lingenfelter, AICP, PLA, LEED AP

Senior Associate

Robert Lingenfelter

Robert Lingenfelter is a Project Manager, Certified Planner, and Professional Landscape Architect. As WMF's Land Development Practice Leader, Robert manages building design and land use solutions characterized by site features, process, and systems.  As a LEED Accredited Professional, he works to promote human as well as ecological health and well-being. He is actively involved in all aspects of the design and construction of various building types.

A Pennsylvania native, Robert is involved in his community through local organizations such as the State Theatre, Leadership Centre County, and the Historical Architectural Review Board of Bellefonte, PA. Nationally, he is working to restore the American Chestnut tree through his Board affiliation with the PA/NJ Chapter of The American Chestnut Foundation.

Robert’s interest in natural, cultural, and historic resources has led to service as a guest juror and design critic at the Penn State Stuckeman School of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Graphic Design and to speaking engagements with the Pennsylvania Titusville Renaissance, Bellefonte Historical and Cultural Association, and the Centre County Historical Society.  He presented “Connecting with Nature” at the 2013 ASLA PA-DE Chapter Meeting and “Agroforestry Planning and the Built Environment” as part of the 2018 Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Agroforestry (NEMA) Working Group Webinar Series. 

"Ultimately, everything we do becomes a story. Therefore, it is up to us to make them good ones."

Fun Facts

  • What I’d write on a billboard:  “Practice safe design: Use a concept.” –Petrula Vrontikis
  • Most recent adventure: Parenthood
  • I root for: The Antihero

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