Oswayo District Wide Facilities Improvements

Oswayo Valley School District

Oswayo District Wide Facilities Improvements
Oswayo District Wide Facilities Improvements
Oswayo District Wide Facilities Improvements
Oswayo District Wide Facilities Improvements

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This small, rural school district in north central Pennsylvania consists of only two facilities—an Elementary school and a Secondary school.  The feasibility study identified enrollments per grade varying from 26 to 76, creating a challenge in the flexible use of space.  Because of very limited financial resources, the solutions had to be as cost-effective as possible.


After analyzing the building’s shortcomings and physical needs, a list of priorities such as window replacement, boiler replacement, re-plumbing, rewiring, and asbestos abatement were established.

The facility was then organized into three sections:  Early Childhood (K-1st); Primary (2nd & 3rd); and Elementary (4th & 5th) to correspond to the current and revised curriculum.  Each area was buffered by one or more “swing classrooms” to accommodate enrollment changes. The sixth grade was relocated to the secondary building to create a Middle School (grades 6—8) within the secondary setting. Common areas were organized in the center of the building, adjacent to the administrative addition.

A variety of safety and security issues were incorporated into the redesign of the site circulation and building entrances and appropriate educational technology was incorporated into all areas.

The work was begun and expedited during the first summer with finalization scheduled and coordinated to allow continuous occupancy of all areas except the existing offices (formerly classrooms).


Your execution of the planning decisions was both practical and inspiring. Our area does not get much exposure to interesting and creative building designs, and the results have instilled an increased pride in our community from students, staff, and taxpayers. At the same time, we very much appreciate all the effort that went into purchasing and managing the construction within a very limited budget Finally, accomplishing this work while maintaining use of the buildings was a challenge, but was accomplished with very few real inconveniences.
Rosanne Calhoun
Oswayo Valley School District
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