Erin Fantozz, LEED Green Associate

Erin Fantozz

Erin joined WMF in 2016, immediately bringing her upbeat and positive attitude to the Cleveland Office.  A two-time Kent State University graduate, Erin earned her Interior Design degree in 2015.  Continuing her education while working at WMF, Erin earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture in 2019.

"A professor once explained to me how the human body functions is similar and relatable to a building. Bones... structure that gives a building its rigidity and stability. Skin... the façade that protects the structure, internal systems, function of users and operation. Organs... the internal systems that gives a building its comfort balance, supply of water and the coordination of electrical activities. I found this to be a very interesting way to visualize the similarities between the human body and a building system."

Erin's interest of all aspects of building design and her drive to fully understand the building envelope was the impetus for obtaining her second design degree.

Fun Facts

Erin likes:

  • Spending time with family
  • Boating in the Summer
  • Re-purposing old furniture
  • Local wineries and breweries
  • Attending Cleveland sporting events